PKR claims Dompok achieved nothing

Kota Kinabalu: Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) does not see any sense in the Federal Government proceeding with the 500km Kimanis-Bintulu gas pipeline while at the same time wanting to build a full-fledged petrochemical plant in the State.

Vice President Datuk Dr Jeffrey Kitingan said it should scrap plans for the 500km pipeline and, instead, use the billions of ringgit to set up a real full-fledged petrochemical plant in Kimanis, and not have both.

"How do you know there is an excess of gas? What is the use of a full-fledged petrochemical plant in Kimanis when at the same time you export the same raw material for this plant? It is illogical and a wastage," he said in a statement, Saturday.

He was commenting on Tan Sri Bernard Dompok's statement that he had now agreed to the 500km gas pipeline project after the Federal Cabinet convinced him that a full-fledged petrochemical plant would also be built in Kimanis, and that only excess gas would be exported to Bintulu.

Jeffrey, who is also PKR State Steering Committee Chairman, said it is unfortunate that Dompok is satisfied so easily and quickly with the new raw deal or promise by the Federal Government.

"While it looks good to say that finally the Federal Government has agreed to build a petrochemical plant in Sabah, it is appalling and raises eyebrows because here at the same time you are killing the plant by building the pipeline to export Sabah's gas.

"The idea is to scrap the 500km pipeline and build a full-fledged petrochemical plant here. Dompok now allowed the building of the pipeline. Dompok achieved nothing. The full-fledged plant may never take off," he said.

He also said Sabah leaders must examine why Barisan Nasional MPs like Datuk Ghapur Salleh are sceptical about pledges from the Federal Government to Sabah.

"I still oppose this 500km gas pipeline project. To me it is tantamount to bullying Sabah and sabotaging her economy.

"We want to create downstream industries in Sabah. Why must we export these opportunities to Sarawak, which has its own? Sabah is in dire need of this opportunity as this State is the poorest among the 13 states," Jeffrey said.