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Yong Teck Lee: "This is my promise to you, that our struggle continues and I will always be by your side"...."Trust and integrity of the leaders are fundamental to the future of a country or a government or, in our case, SAPP as a serious political party of the future"


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2013 Apr 22 - SAPP: Opponents resorted to lies but dare not come to debate

Opponents resorted to lies but dare not come to debate

KOTA KINABALU, April 22, 2013: Any candidate who dare not to engage his or her opponent in a public debate on pressing issues affecting the nation and State, has no moral legitimacy to become a people's representative, said SAPP president Datuk Seri Yong Teck Lee.

Yong who is a candidate for the Likas State constituency stressed this while reiterating his call to his opponents from Barisan Nasional (BN), Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) and DAP, at the party's nightly 'Kopitiam Ceramah' held at the vicinity of Foh Sang shops, on Sunday night.

"Calun calun BN dan DAP tidak berani menghadapi cabaran-cabaran dan soalan-soalan tentang isu-isu yang menyusahkan rakyat. Kalau bukan masa pilihanraya, bila lagi? (BN and DAP candidates dare not to face the challenges and questions on issues that affect the people. If not during this election time, when then?)" he asked.

He then called out the names of his opponents one-by-one, urging them to accept his challenge for a public debate, wither in this venue or venue of their choice.

"Hiew King Cheu, Agnes Shim, Jimmy Wong, Junz Wong, Christina Liew, Chin Su Yin, Dr Yee Moh Chai, Chin Tek Ming, just one debate will do. Maybe Desah (Demokrasi Sabah) can organize it," he said, while pointing to Ronnie Charles Klassen, deputy chairman of Desah who was also present at the occasion, together with his wife, Mary.

"They can come forward to ask me any question they want including those concerning the accusations which they made against me in the newspapers and in the Internet and social media using fictitious names.

"Dr Yee Moh Chai must come here, otherwise I will go there (BN ceramah). He must explain to the people of Sabah what happened to our High Court and Central Market lands and may others and also the truth behind the SAS fiasco, instead of putting the blame on me to protect his UMNO bosses.

"If you don't come and answer our questions or even ask us questions, then the facts speak by itself, that all the things they have been saying are actually lies," he added.
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