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2013 May 1 - GE13: Eric,people's champion and momogun stalwart

Eric,people's champion and momogun stalwart

INTRODUCTION - Eric Majimbun hails from Kg. Kionsom, Inanam. A former Native Chief until he handed over his title to his younger brother to run for political office is also an expert on Native Customs and Native Courts. A Momogun stalwart, he has since 1994 defended the interest of the Momogun people. Ever since PBS left the Momogun struggle to join the BN "tow the line" train, Majimbun persistently and tirelessly hammers the need for justice and equality for the Momogun people. If not because of Majimbun's relentless effort to call for the RCI (Royal Commission of Inquiry), it is doubtful if the UMNO/BN would have even considered the prospect.

Eric is a two time Member of Parliament for Sepanggar since 2004 to this day. This time around, however, he decided to forego his Parliament quest to instead concentrate directly on the affairs of the state. He is today running for the state seat of N13 Inanam. He felt its time he addresses and immerse himself solely in the affairs of Sabah government. He realized that his experienced as an MP has prepared himself to become a truly effective state administrator. If SAPP forms the government, Majimbun felt he will be an effective administrator to guarantee the interest and well being of Sabahans are well promoted and protected.

Majimbun's is very concern with the erosion of our Native Customary Rights and has thus put himself as the peoples' champion to protect and defend the NCR traditional decree as guaranteed in our Sabah's constitution. As the Deputy President of SAPP, Majimbun appeal to the voters to reject all Party Malaya and stand united with local party SAPP to set a new and better direction for Sabah, for he said only SAPP can fulfill the hopes and dreams in the hearts of Sabahans.

Eric Enchin Majimbun, Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) Deputy President, Inanam CLC Chairman, SAPP Candidate for N.13 Inanam State Election 2013
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