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Yong Teck Lee: "This is my promise to you, that our struggle continues and I will always be by your side"...."Trust and integrity of the leaders are fundamental to the future of a country or a government or, in our case, SAPP as a serious political party of the future"


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2013 May 3 - GE13: Please Vote for SAPP


You will be proven right because

SAPP's campaign is based on truths and facts, not on lies and myths; SAPP's struggle is on real issues, not empty slogans; SAPP is here to serve, rain or shine, and is not a "wind" that is here today and gone tomorrow.

"In a country well governed, poverty is something to be ashamed of. In a country badly government, wealth is something to be ashamed of." This saying of an ancient sage is so relevant to our society today.

In contrast to the amassed extreme wealth of some BN-UMNO cronies, SAPP leaders live an honourable life by modest means among ordinary people of Sabah. It is Malaysian political reality that KL likes our local Sabah leaders to be weak and corrupted so that local leaders are easier to control.

Fighting as an underdog in this clash of the titans from outside, SAPP stands up as the only local party voicing Sabah issues. Without SAPP and our elected representatives, Sabah's voice will be drowned out in the noises of KL-centric agenda; everything will be about KL issues and none of Sabah; thereby further marginalising Sabah.

SAPP's elected representatives in Parliament and in the Sabah Legislative Assembly will make it a "no peace, day or night" for the corrupt and inept leaders who hold high office in Sabah and their political masters in KL. We will raise the issue of the mysterious RM 40 million, the loss of 3 million acres of maritime territory known as oil blocks L & M, the unexplained RM 601 million loan to a KL project and the doubtful RM 544 million loan taken by the State government, among others.

SAPP will never return to BN. To do so, would be an unpardonable sin, an act of surrender of our Sabah autonomy and become once again subservient to the dictates of KL. SAPP has gone through hell and fire to get out of BN, it is therefore madness to even think of returning to BN.

Malaysia has a choice ĘC Sabah autonomy or Philippine Sulu claim. The choice is obvious. PM Najib said we should thank KL and BN for overcoming the Philippine Sulu intrusion at Lahad Datu. But we ask, who failed us in the first place?

As some Sabahans rightly ask, without KL-support, can Sabah progress? This mindset has dogged Sabah for 50 years.

My dear Malaysians in Sabah, from the Project IC to the politics of Divide and Rule, from a failed education system to insecurity, from economic deprivation to uprooting from native lands, from loss of oil and gas to unfair federal policies like Cabotage, Sabah has suffered from 50 years of subservience. I do believe that we should now "ask not what KL can do for Sabah but what KL has done to Sabah". Is KL the solution to Sabah's problems or is KL the cause of our dilemma? The facts speak for themselves.

After 50 years, we say "Bangunlah untuk Sabah". Indeed, we can succeed. All the national parties, namely, Anwar to Hadi of PAS and Lim Kit Siang and Najib of BN-UMNO, have been forced by Sabahans' uprising to finally concede that the autonomy and 20 points spirit in the Malaysia Agreement 1963 are valid. Sabahans can now be proud that we have won the war even before the elections! This victory is because Sabahans had the courage to stand up and be heard!

Sabah has a lot of catching up to do. SAPP will remove the bureaucratic jam caused by the over concentration of powers in one man, resulting in a strangle hold over the economy by cronies. SAPP will make sure that the government fulfill the duty of public administration to make it easy to comply with the law and risky to defy. Economic policy should liberalise the economy in order to set free the capability to grow and prosper that is inherent in humankind; starting with human empowerment, land reforms and local governance.

Let SAPP's victory on May 5 prove that Sabahans have risen up; that SAPP will not under any circumstance return to BN, even in the unlikely event that BN regain power at both the federal and state levels. For it has been a vicious, condemnable, desperate lie by our enemies that SAPP would return to BN and that SAPP had received RM80 million (!) from UMNO. Vote SAPP and you will be proven right. Truths and facts never change, but opinions do.

Let SAPP expose the real culprits behind the SAS fiasco. Let SAPP search for the truths behind the 1976, June 6 Nomad air crash that killed our top leaders after that fateful trip at Labuan in relation to the oil agreement. No other political party dare raise this issue. Let SAPP do it for our campaign is based on truths, not lies.

Let SAPP show that Sabah ICs is doable and good for all legitimate Malaysians in Sabah. Let SAPP show that we have the political will and courage to defend Sabah's autonomy. In the way that SAPP has, in its brief tenure with political power, rejected the extension to Sabah of the Local Government Act and Indah Water Konsortium (IWK). SAPP successfully rejected the increase in gambling licences. With SAPP at its helm, Sabah successfully regained its authority to export logs that were previously blocked by the Malaysian Timber Industry Board. Sabah regained power to jointly manage foreign workers issues and the upholding of the Sabah Labour Ordinance. Put simply, SAPP will be fearless in defending Sabah's interests. Sabah can do more, starting with autonomy.

Give Sabah a chance. Give it to SAPP on May 5.

Bangunlah Untuk Sabah! Ini Kali Lah!

Thank you.

Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP)
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